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Paw Prints On Your Heart provides gentle and compassionate at-home euthanasia services for your pet for relief of pain and suffering or decline in overall quality of life.

We realize that making the decision to put your beloved pet to sleep is one of the most difficult and heart-wrenching decisions you will ever have to make as a pet owner. But we also believe that this decision is one of the kindest, most loving, and unselfish things we can do for them.

The final trip to the veterinary hospital can be a stressful, uncomfortable, and even traumatic experience for your pet and your family. By allowing you to say goodbye in the privacy and comfort of your own home, we can provide a more personal experience for your family, and a more comfortable and dignified passing for your pet in a more relaxed familiar setting.

Dr. Beth Moseley has over 30 years of veterinary experience and is passionate about providing the most peaceful transition possible for your pet. Dr. Beth personally evaluates each case with a telephone consultation so that she may best determine your pet’s and your family’s needs and set up a convenient time for your home visit.

We are honored to be able to help in making your pet’s final journey as meaningful and special as the life they lived.

What to Expect

Euthanasia is most often done in two steps: First, a calming sedative will be administered under the skin using a small needle to minimize discomfort. This will cause your pet to relax and fall gently to sleep within 5-15 minutes. Hand feeding your pet special treats or gently petting them until they are asleep can be helpful during this process. Next, an intravenous injection of a highly concentrated anesthetic is given, which your pet will not feel. This medication will slow and then stop the breathing and heartbeat within seconds to a minute. Once we are certain your pet has passed peacefully, and only when you are comfortable and have had a chance to say goodbye, we will gently wrap them in a blanket from home and carry them or move them via stretcher for transport.

Aftercare Options

  • Burial at home:

    Check local ordinances

  • Communal Cremation:

    Your pet is cremated with other pets with no return of ashes
  • Individual Cremation:

    Your pet is cremated individually and their ashes are returned to you (remains will be hand delivered to your home)

As a professional courtesy, we will notify your veterinarian of your pet’s passing so that they may update their records.

Service Fees

Weight Home Visit, Sedation, Euthanasia Communal Cremation Individual Cremation
0-20lb $225 $75 $250
21-50lb $250 $100 $300
51-90lb $300 $125 $300
>90lb $325 $150 $325

Additional Services

Clay Paw Print: $30
Custom Name Plate: $25
Home Pick-up for Cremation: $50

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